On this page are some of the photos I have personally researched and applied color to.  This is an attempt to bring to life what they were actually seeing and maybe explain why they thought it was photo worthy.

Remember black and white was not an artistic choice when these pictures were taken. They could use black and white or white and black!

 The 442nd  Regimental Combat team.  The most decorated unit in the history of US  Military.  Mostly comprised of soldiers of Japanese descent active during WW2.  They were awarded 7 Presidential Unit Citations, 21 Congressional Medals of Honor and many many other awards.

Bombing ruins in Italy  

                            Ike arriving in the UK fresh from the Casablanca Conference.                                                                                    

This photo is from a collection of a soldier in the 4th Armored division WW2.

D Day + 1 Omaha beach White Dog sector.  Interesting scan of a black and white negative.  Plenty of interesting things to consider in this picture. Led by General Cota Company C of the 116th and the 5th Ranger Battalion were able to get off the beach and engage the enemy and finally lead the troops off the beach.

        One negative from about 200 in the Nashville collection.

This is a poster I created for a project.  

  A nice high res photo of the 23 Fighter Group in China.

One of my favorite Negatives.  This one is a 2" x 2" black and white.  Take somewhere in Germany during WW2.  Makes you wonder what is going on.  Look closely and see the man sitting in the jeep.  The Man with the Thompson sub machine gun appears to standing watch.